Damian's message






Dear Subscriber—let me congratulate on your refined queer sensibility.  I’ve been reading the Queer Book Box Picks (or re-reading them) for ages so it’s a joy to finally land this side of the rainbow. A joy and a privilege.


Maggie & Me is not just my story—you will, I hope, see some of yourself in there—whoever you and wherever you are and yes, even in, 2019. It’s my story of my 1980s childhood in Scotland and that is all any memoir can ever be—your own story. If you are thinking of writing your memoir—yay more queer stories-I urge you to do so sure in the knowledge that only you can tell your own story. It’s a truism that we find the universal in the particular.  Maggie & me came out in 2013—the very week Thatcher died, the nicest thing she ever did for me. Every week since then I have heard from readers who feel my story is also theirs—a story of the love of a parent for their child, of a broken home fixed anew, a wee boy who find himself anew in books, in friends and in very much forbidden love.


So, thank you for spending time with my story and good luck with your own—writing it or living or or both.