Olumide's Message



Hello dear subscribers. 


I'm delighted that you are reading When We speak of Nothing this month, and hope you'll like it. 


I wanted to subvert the notion that the Global North is the most progressive around queer and trans issues and went into Yoruba cosmology (amongst other things) to make some points. Eshu, the god of the crossroads, is the narrator of the novel. As a shape-shifter he is sometimes described as having both male and female attributes, inviting a queer/trans reading. Eshu stands for the disruptive element that challenges us to arrive at a new level of understanding. He is also concerned with languages and translating, with delivering messages (amongst many other things). 

Fun fact: Protagonist Karl would be supporting Extinction Rebellion because of his time with activists against the ecocide in the Niger Delta. He would probably try and make a more global point at one of their actions, highlighting the connection between wealth here and devastation in the Global South.

Best, Olumide