Why do we need queer books? aka, Our Story

A while ago I started intentionally reading more queer books, and it was incredible! I loved seeing myself reflected in main characters. I loved being introduced to the experiences of people in my community that I would never otherwise have known of. Once I was hooked that was it. I checked my local bookshop for an LGBT+ section but there wasn’t one. I looked at big online book retailers and found their selection woefully uncurated. It seemed you had to already know what’s new in queer fiction to get it, and I didn’t. After exhausting my word-of-mouth recommendations and becoming frustrated by the amount of time it was taking to find something to read I thought, “you know what? I would just pay someone to send me one really good queer book every month. Perfect, I will treat myself.” But this didn’t exist either. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of creation and so here is Queer Book Box.

Queer Book Box is a curated selection of queer fiction delivered through a monthly subscription. We carefully select books by queer authors which reflect the depth and diversity of our community. It is the only queer owned, queer supplied subscription out there.

- Georgia, founder

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